Allison Richards*

June 29, 2016

“My husband said he wouldn’t have believed it unless he hadn’t seen it for himself. That is how he described how impressed he was with the training session we had with Paula. We had strong concerns that our dog, Flash, was going to hurt someone. He is a dominant border collie who would bark furiously and snap at some people coming in our yard and in our house. Paula worked with Flash and with us to teach us methods on how to become calm pack leaders and control Flash’s unwanted behavior. Paula has an amazing ability of calmly being the pack leader and immediately having the respect and following of our three dogs. In only one session she taught us how to be like that also. Her methods have greatly helped us with our dogs. We felt like we were on a TV show and had a famous celebrity dog trainer at our house. In only one session she taught us not only how to change Flash’s dominant behavior to visitors, but also to stop other unwanted behaviors; and, how to properly walk my dogs instead of them walking me. We had brought the dogs to various obedience training places in the past, but it truly was so much more beneficial to have Paula’s training session at our home. I’ve personally recommended her to all of my friends. Paula’s visit was over three years ago and the dogs still behave!”*