About the Trainer

How I Became a Dog Trainer

I got my first dog when I was 17.  Like most new dog owners I made many mistakes. I couldn’t stop her from pulling on the leash. She barked at strangers, she chewed the furniture, just to name a few. After 9 long years of making mistakes, my older sister gave me a book on dog training. This is where I first heard the term being the “Leader”. I learned how to stop ‘Pacer’ from pulling on the leash,  along with most of her other bad habits. Because of my new found knowledge, the change in her was amazing and last 4 years of her life were much happier.

When I got my second dog, a Sheltie I named ‘Amber’. I was determined not to make the same mistakes. Right from the start I used the training methods from the book. ‘Amber’ was a smart little dog and she learned quickly.

Two years later we found a stray German Shepherd mix puppy wondering around the neighborhood. No one reported a missing puppy, so after two weeks, we decided to keep ‘Buster’. I trained him with the same methods I used on ‘Amber’. Both dogs so were well trained that I could take them anywhere. I took them to horse shows (I also own and show a Morgan horse), hiking in the White Mountains, and even the Deerfield Fair (when pets were allowed). I could put the dogs in a sit-stay, leave for 15 minutes or more, and they would be exactly where I left them when I returned. When I took them to my vet, people would often ask me if the dogs had been to obedience school. I would proudly reply, “No, I trained them myself.”

Certified Dog Trainer New Hampshire

In-Home Dog Training

Over the years I helped family and friends train their dogs. Many people said I had a gift but I never thought of training dogs as a profession until…

A few months after ‘Amber’ passed away, I got another Sheltie, ‘Justin’. At only 4 months of age he knew all his basic commands and would heel both on and off the leash! When I told this to my vet she suggested I take a course to become a “certified” dog trainer. That’s when my brother seconded the idea. I looked on the internet for a school and found Animal Behavior College and became a certified dog trainer. I was hungry to learn more and found Thompson Direct Education (now Penn Foster Schools). The course at Thompson Direct Education taught me more than just basic obedience. I learned about service dogs, hunting dogs, agility, recreation with dogs, and much more. I made the right decision. I continue my education by going to seminars and reading everything I can about dog behavior and the way dogs think.

I have been training dogs as a certified professional for over 12 years now, and have trained  hundreds of dogs. Some of my client’s dogs had been to obedience school, but still had issues (jumping on people, pulling on the leash, etc.). With my methods, I have had a 100% success rate in resolving these issues to date.

My goal is to teach my clients more than just how to teach their dogs sit, stay, and come. I want them to have a true relationship with their dog by building trust and respect to get an obedient dog.

Most people never find their “calling”. I found mine! I love what I do and the proof shines through with my Happy customers!

Customized dog training

In Loving Memory

‘Pacer’ February 10, 1975 – November 8, 1988
‘Amber’ November 8, 1988 – December 6, 2002

‘Buster’ November 8, 1990 – May 6, 2005
‘Justin’ February 4, 2003 – April 26, 2012