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Paula Mears - Owner

Paula J Mears ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer.

Does your dog/puppy run away when you call? Does he chase after small animals, bikes, or other people? Is your puppy overly excited or hyper, jump on people can totally go out of control? These are just some of the common behavioral and obedience problems most dog owners encounter. Don't let your beloved pet be an embarrassment to you and your family. In these tough situations, it's best to hire professional and certified trainers who conduct customized obedience and behavior modification classes that will target your pet's specific problems.

Trainers Who Care About Your Pets

If you need a dog/puppy trainer for private classes, you have come to the right place! Experience obedience training classes with a difference! Other trainers may just give you an hour of training classes per week. With Make Your Dog Happy, you will get customized, one-on-one obedience/behavior training classes averaging 2-3 hours and designed for your dog's specific needs! No need to attend distracting group classes in or around Manchester, NH. Instead, your puppy/dog trainer comes to you! Trust in Make Your Dog Happy for dog training lessons that fetch effectiveness and affordability.

Why Choose Customized Training for Your Pets

Custom designed obedience training classes for you and your pet is my specialty. Every dog is different, so I have a varied approach and always adjust to the needs of your dog and how he/she responds to training. I have succeeded where other dog trainers have failed. Contact me today at (603) 669-3139 and let's get to work on customized training for your dog!

"A well trained dog is a happy dog." Make Your Dog Happy today!

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Obedience training for puppies and dogs in Manchester, NH

Obedience Trainers for puppy and dogs in Manchester, NH Obedience Trainers for puppy and dogs in Manchester, NH

February 4, 2003 - April 26, 2012
May you play to your hearts content. May you get all the treats you desire. May you rest in a warm cozy bed. Until we meet over the Rainbow Bridge, I will miss you.

ABC Certified Trainer APDT IACP